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 ====== Arrival ====== ====== Arrival ======
 +Japan, don't make me fall in love again.
 +You know I have a soft stomach.
 +I am not the same man that you remember. I've been scorched by light. The light of the sun, the light of knowledge, of love reflecting from the ice.
-Hm+Today you were good to me. You know I have a weakness for compassion.  
 +A cop in the police station saw me fumble with my phone and insisted on directing me to the nearest Ramen restaurant. A man in the Ramen restaurant insisted on buying me a noodle refill - A gesture for a foreign student friend, he said. Again the hair on my arm became an attraction. I still find it hard to understand how is it that you shun from hand shaking, but have no inhibitions for feeling someone'​s arm-hair without asking. 
 +You're also interested in what I do.  
 +Tomimatsu-sensei,​ my professor in-charge, is interested in organizing a Soft Robotics workshop. I happen to know how to do that. If I am able to build my Palestinian robot under this framework, I need to look no further.  
 +Both Finland and Japan have a sterile purity to them that leaves me baffled.  
 +Both of them invite you to dig deeper into their soul, until you reach the dirt, but without actually saying that. 
 +However, they are not the same. 
 +I finished reading [[https://​​9732/​conversations_on_science_culture_and_time|"​Conversations on Science, Culture and Time"​]].  
 +This is a book I'd like to buy and keep, so I can open it up every once in a while and be inspired.  
 +Next on my list: 
 +  * [[https://​​wiki/​The_Cultural_Politics_of_Emotion|The Cultural Politics of Emotion]]  
 +  * [[http://​​book/​show/​730139.Gravity_and_Grace|Gravity and Grace]] 
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