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Always align to the left. Unless you're in a hurry.
I step out of the train, and get in the line. I only look at the person in front of me, until it's time to step out of the line and head home.

The room where I work is overly heated, because ABS plastic only 3d prints well in heat conditions.
It's a mix of high and low tech. Avant-garde research in semi-neglected public school buildings.
Maybe tomorrow I will see where the money is made, the engineering campus “Ito”. One hour away by train.
Me and Anderson, the Brazilian doctoral student who shares the room with me, are having conversations about people's irrational relations to insects. But when he talks of cockroaches and mosquitoes, I think of Palestinians? I find backing with Sara Ahmed's "Performativity of Disgust".
How would Israelis react to a Palestinian controlled robot who moves like an insect and smiles like a Pokemon? This is too crazy.

There are so many open questions on how I will build this creature.
It has to be modular, otherwise I will lose my mind in it.
Task number 1 - Find out how to make modular silicone.
Task number 2 - Jot down the modules.

I'm keeping some distance from people. At a 2nd degree of 'awayness', I am somewhat of a ghost. Examining people from within the brim.


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