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Check out books by Lior Samson.

Yvonne Rogers: The New Zeitgeist: Human-AI

Eric Horvitz: Human AI partnership Anderson and Rainie: AI improving the world Tom Malone: People And computers (not vs) Stanford, MIT: Human-centered I

// How do we avoid centralization of computing and datasets? Human-centered training process, GPT-3. lessened control over the design process

Ben Shneiderman (2020) about designing robots with AI/HCI

New framing of AI as facilitator/moderator

Robots as collaborators : Belpaeme et al 2018

freddiemeter // transparent? still relies on google cloud.

Emotional AI

retail deepcam - shoplifting alert // Ugh. how about encouraging the users express and use the AI to detect subtle cultural differences, context-dependent nuances.

Teacher avatar // cartoon VS real-life?

VoiceViz, Vizzy

Emerging Complexity: Communication between Agents in a MAS for Shape-shifting TUIs

artificial multi-agent, self assembly. The Dod

Kriegman S et al 2020 - biological robots.

Developing Music Harmony Awareness in Young Students through an Augmented Reality Approach

Tactile Information Coding by Electro-tactile Feedback

Adaptive electro-tactile feedback Tactile coding Micro-fluidic emerging surface??

Wearable Computing Systems based on Body Sensor Networks: State-of-the-art and Future Research Challenges

WBSN - Shimmer

// Logistics: How do you get commercial products to use it? Create a standard protocol? Interopability?

Has handshake detection

Towards Accurate Browser-based SSVEP Stimuli Generation

Flickering on the web and you can choose Constant-period can only display a limited number of signs. Approximation: square waves, can display more.,

source code? working on mobile? what eeg device is needed?

Evaluating the Accessibility of Digital Audio Workstations for Blind or Visually Impaired People

Design of Syllabic Vibration Pattern for Incoming Notification on a Smartphone

Vibration syllables imitate the sylabic sounds of the platform: TWITTER, FACEBOOK and of names (Taanaakaa)

Understanding the Use of Narrative Patterns by Novice Data Storytellers

Data stories

// Post-truth, what about patterns for a basic mutual understanding? There are none really.

Information, Understanding and Trust: Explorations in Computation and Interaction

The "valley of death" in health technology. There is a computational model for calculating Alzheimer disease staging // Is there an issue of signal and noise, where we are not giving enough of a spotlight to noise? statistical abstraction Heart rate monitor was showing electrical output and not actual heart beat which could be listened with statuscope. Smith & Koppel mental models.

”We’re Doing This Together”: An in-Depth Analysis of the Teamwork between Train Traffic Controllers and Train Drivers

Nice example of thematic analysis

Smart City Development: Positioning Citizens in the Service Life Cycle (Citizens as Primary Customer)

Surveillance based Persuasion: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Fitbit and birthday reminder this like the common commercial model of social media?

Using Everyday Routines for Understanding Health Behaviors

// Interesting that the feedback comes the day later, how does that compare to immediate feedback David mord northwestern, intervention design. Morning? Day after?

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