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MPS20N0040D Pressure Sensor


This is a cheap yet ubiquitous pressure sensor based om a Wheatstone bridge. Unlike the MIS-2500, it requires amplification using an Op-Amp.


Circuit Design

After plenty of reading and experimenting I came up with the following LM358 based circuit that I am satisfied with.


This pin diagram is for the version of the sensor that I ordered.


The circuits I have seen online use two connections to the LM358, first as a differential amplifier and then as a normal amplifier. I believe that I can manage with just differential amplification, because it provides both amplification to the signal and eliminating the 2.5v offset of the output.

The following setup is for 3.3v on the Teensy

*Based on the image in “The answer is 42”

Breadboard image

* I also added 100Uf capacitors because seems like that was recommended.

Raspberry Pi Circuit

To connect the pressure sensor to a Raspberry Pi, the ADS1115 board may be used. Below is a Fritzing image of the circuit:

The pressure is measured as a differential pressure, counting the difference between A0 and A1. The Fritzing sketch is available here.

Further info

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