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Textile actuator recipe

Based on this guide, using Vreeberg's TPE film, and PFS-300.


  • Using length the same as the fabric, but 30-40% wider. Make the template also longer to account for sealing space.
  • When following the guide, I always got a tear in the diagonal seal coming from the fold of the silicone. The workaround is to create a vertical seal in both sides and not just on one, then the diagonal seal holds. This means that the template should be a bit wider to account for the spacing of the vertical seal.

About length

I tried to cut one pocket and make a small balloon for this puppet. I used the 25cm gathered fabric type II (Emmi's marking). The stretch was just not enough to get a significant bend. I pumped more and more pressure and eventually the balloon managed to rip the seam!

I could still try one of the more stretchy or longer gathered pockets to see if they are better, but for now I am OK with using the bigger squirrel puppet and longer pocket.

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