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12V NPT Solenoid Valve


This is a more heavy duty valve, yet still cheap so might not be ultra reliable. It is also about 3 times bigger than the micro solenoid valve, making it less fitting for an untethered solution. Having it normally closed is best for the robot scenario, because when a robot is idle, all of its valves are closed.


This valve's outlet is of type NPT 1/8“, thus it requires a screw-in adapter to connect to a tube, namely the “4mm Male Brass Hose Barbs Barb To 1/8” NPT Pipe Male Thread” adapter. Such adapter is easy to find on eBay.

PWM functionality

When running the Valve with the Pulolo-713 motor driver, it is possible to open the Valve using an oscillating PWM current, and thus achieving a slower release. This is great for Soft Robotics movement because it allows control of the actuator speed both on inflation and deflation.

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