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Complete Robot Design

Required Features

This is a list of features that the complete robot design needs to account for:

  1. Matches design on the features page.
  2. Keeps existing head size.
  3. Skeleton structure supports the existing neck structure.
  4. Skeleton supports arms that are spread forward, as on the features page.
  5. When an adult person stands in front of the robot, two conditions should apply:
    1. The nose camera can look at the person's face (Robot sits on a platform. Neck could naturally be actuated a bit up or down).
    2. The person can hold the robot's hands while being able to look at the embedded screen.
  6. Skeleton supports attaching a front skin and back skin (Somewhat similar to the head), but allowing a thickness in both sides, so that when holding the back or front you don't feel the bones. (Attachment on the “shoulders” and “hips”?)
  7. IO inlets and outlets according to IO diagram.
  8. Tail hides screen when curled, as seen on the features page.
  9. Parametric design.


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