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Fast Bending Actuator

The Fast Bending Actuator is the most basic Pneunet design that is based on the Fast Pneunet architecture. Its design is based on the research paper by Dr. Bobak Mosadegh: Pneumatic Networks for Soft Robotics that Actuate Rapidly.


The fabrication process is described in detail on the Soft Robotics Toolkit page.

Mold files

The Downloads section on the toolkit website contains all of the molds.

Our variations

We have made several variations on the molds:

  • One
  • Two
  • Three

Machine Limitations

The bottom half of the top layer cannot be laser cut.


Basic shape

  • Top layer: ~35g
  • Base Layer: ~5g

Oven times

Basic shape

Air inlet

From the toolkit website:

Using a thin metal rod, pierce the end of the actuator, an equal distance from both sides
and about 1/8” (3mm) from the bottom.  Aim the rod slightly downwards and don’t push it in too far.
The goal is to reach the central channel without puncturing any of the actuator’s walls.

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